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Travers Kurt project's SEO results

Testimonial (SEO Services)

I must say it’s a blessing dealing with Junaid, his SEO and marketing methods are unique and efficient. He is very honest and hardworking, smart and very reasonable with prices. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you very much.

– Travers Kurt (consultant)

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Testimonial (Copywriting)

The article looks amazing! I have no suggestions or requests to change anything. I think you did a great job of including all the information readers might need to feel confident in moving forward.

– Kimberly (Hostgator)

Junaid Raza - SEO Consultant and Copywriter

What do I do?

Empowering businesses to achieve scalable growth is my passion.

Through strategic planning, I implement highly effective content strategies that not only skyrocket brand awareness but also establish authority on social media platforms.

By leveraging SEO techniques, I attract targeted traffic, ensuring businesses receive massive leads.

Furthermore, my persuasive copywriting skills drive substantial conversions, culminating in remarkable business success.

Junaid Raza shares free content!

As an SEO expert:

I transform businesses by strategically optimizing their online presence to build their brand, drive massive traffic, and get leads and conversions.

Due to my strategic approach, my SEO strategy saves businesses a lot of money!


As a content strategist:

Conversions come from the right content; if you don’t have the right one, it will overburden your business.

I help businesses target the right audience with a strategic approach to content planning and crafting!


As a copywriter:

I deeply understand your business, including its values and goals. This allows me to align the copywriting with your brand messaging.

Second, I develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to create copy that resonates with them effectively.