Ideas for BlogSpot – Million Thanks to Blogger

Blogger is on the way to create a new feature which is called: Ideas. This is a brilliant move of Blogger for Blogspot and only Blogger can do this. I will tell you why. But firstly, let’s take a look at what the Ideas feature really is. When logged in to your Blogger dashboard, then you choose Posts … Read more

Rename Labels in Blogger / Blogspot

There are two steps to rename a label for a website on Blogger / Blogspot platform. Step 1: listing In this step, you need to list all posts of the label that you want to rename. Step 2: renaming In this step, you need to input the new label and remove the old label from … Read more

Laytor – Blogging WordPress Element Template Kit

Blogger has a feature to allow you have up to 100 authors working and contributing together on each blog. Add an Author To add an author to your site, access your blog’s dashboard, select Settings and scroll down to Permissions section then click Invite more authors setting. In the pop-out dialog, input the email of the author that you want to … Read more